“Tanlines” LA Premiere Party August 25th!


California Girls III: Tanlines SUMMER 2017

Stir that stoke! The new short introduces east coast character “Kymmy Daniels,” played by Kym Perfetto. Get ready to watch the girls navigate the world of dating, while trying to maintain their sharpest tanlines and best power to weight ratio yet.

Watch the retrospective trailer here, for a glimpse into the past and a sneak peek into the new episode:

California Girls II: Karaoke Intervals

Two spirited cyclists get carried away when they find an unusual and Happy way to cheat their workout. Follow the harebrained adventures of Jackie Wolfe and Chrissy Crane in this very Californian comedy.


California Girls: Latigo Fever

Two women battle up a merciless summit in Malibu, California for the QOM (Queen of the Mountain). They will do anything for the coveted crown

Trailer for California Girls: Latigo Fever

3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Cutting edge cycling videos enter another dimension. Winning by throwing your computer over the finish line! Classic! Only the best is good enough for these girls! Way to go! Let’s have some more videos, pretty please! You girls are on to something. Hollywood, here they come! Stand back!

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