World Premiere of “Chamois Time” in Vienna

While the California Girls were biking around Europe this summer, they stopped in Vienna and premiered “Chamois Time,” the 5th short in the series. This one’s all about the bike shorts. I wore bike shorts to a fancy Italian restaurant just the other night, so this is one trend we are rollin’ with.

Thanks to Hotel am Brillantengrund for hosting! Read more about it on the world’s most popular bike culture blog: The Radavist.



Watch TANLINES, our newest short!

“Tanlines” explores the love lives of the California Girls. While Chrissy Crane is in Italy, Jackie Wolfe tries to hang with a super fast, non- Californian and new cast member “Kymmy Daniels.” The girls attack the world of dating, while trying to maintain their strongest power to weight ratio and sharpest tanlines yet.

This short is currently touring with the Bicycle Film Festival.

Episode 3: TANLINES Coming Soon!

Stay on the edge of your saddle, sports fans! California Girls: Episode 3 has wrapped, with a release set for summer 2017! This episode introduces new character “Kymmy Daniels” played by Kym Perfetto. Watch the girls navigate the world of dating in today’s absurd climate, while still trying to maintain their best power to weight ratio yet.